We now welcome our new guitarist Draugr into the tomb of Dys Inbunden! Along with Andlät he will be handling the guitars from now on.

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A new hymn for chaos!

One week from now we shall enter Endarker Studio to record our first single, the studio is run by none other then Devo of the notorious Marduk!

This new hymn will take the band into new and darker channels of chaos. It will give you an idea of what to expect from our third full length opus, which we will record sometime next year!

Ave Sathans! Hail death!

Dys Inbunden sign with EAM management

We have signed with EAM management! From now on all inquiries regarding booking, interviews, reviews ect. contact and our manager Melina Green at

Brother Mephitz! Welcome to chaos!

After a long and restless time of serching we have finally found our drummer! We hereby welcome Norwegian “Mephitz” to the ranks and crypt of Dys Inbunden.

Hail Satan!

Dys Inbunden on Apple-Music

Both our albums can now been streamed live on Apple-Music too.

Spotify, I-Tunes, Amazon, Napster, Beatport, WiMP, junodownload.


Both our albums are now available for download and streaming on the fellowing services:

Spotify, I-Tunes, Amazon, Napster, Beatport, WiMP, junodownload.


Reach For The Crown of Carcosa!

Stream track 10. Crown of Carcosa from the new opus at:…/swedish-black-metal-dys-inbunde…/

The link is available for a limited time only!

Hail Sathanas!

One with morbidity, the opus misanthropy. Photo shoot 2015

Legions of the grave bound!

Check out our latest photo shoot for the new opus!

One with morbidity, the opus misanthropy!

The new opus is finally available! Remixed and ready to sacrifice you to the devil! We also have bundle offers available. Download your copy now and submit to darkness and death! Join us in morbidity!

Incipit Kaos!

Ave Lucifer!

The translation of our review from Sweden Rock in english

Here is the translation of our review from Sweden Rock in english:

“Stockholm based Dys Inbunden is a new acquaintance of mine and such a pleasant one. It is always a real treat to enjoy an album where the band members clearly really believe in their material. There is an aura of passion surrounding “One with morbidity, the opus misanthropy” that I wholeheartedly support. Imagine classical black metal from Stockholm but add greater complexity and much more clever arrangements than what you expect. Add to that really ardent hellish growling by the band’s prime mover Gefandi Ör Andlät, and even the most sluggish of music lovers are swept along to beat its pulse with their feet.

The songs have a tendency to get jumbled, and Dys Inbunden could easily have peeled off a few bits to keep the album clean all the way through. However, I cannot help being blinded by the band’s youthful energy. When they clean out without reason, I cannot stop smiling. The nine minute plash “Mischievous paths of nocturnal lust” is a good example.
I don’t understand anything, but I agree with everything.”