History / Biography

2012: Andlät forms Dys Inbunden with the daring goal to create the most nihilistic death obsessed band in existence! He starts to write all the material for the first full length album. The recordings began early autumn and where finished January the following year.

2013:  The recording of the 2013 release Pandemonium Unchained is finished in January and released through Liflätinn Productions on the 12th of July. Magister Nocturnal of Serbian Ambient project Shadowdream and Black Metal act Ancient Sorrow joins the band as the official bass player in February 2013. Promotion for Pandemonium Unchained proceeds and the first opus of Dys Inbunden is unleashed upon the world of lies!

2014: The grave bound return to the studio to record their second full length opus. After changing studio and producer, Gefandi Ör Andlät records the new opus with Honza Kapák at Hellsound studio in the Czech republic during the dark month of October.

2015: The second opus “One with morbidity, the opus misanthropy.” is unleashed through Liflätinn Productions on the 27th of April. In October Mephitz joins the band on drums.

2016: Dys Inbunden records two new studio tracks. A cover of Mayhem’s “Buired By Time And Dust” and a single “Riders Of Malign”. Recorded at Endarker Studio in Norrköping.

2017: In January Draugr joins the band on guitar.

Dys Inbunden plays self-proclaimed Deaosophic Metal, a sonic dedication to the land of the dead and the chaos that flows there after in eternity!

Kill all life, the universe is an illusion!
Chase the nightside with lawlessness!
Embrace the sacred rites of death and let the devil be your guide!

Ave kaos!  Hail death!

Ad majorem satanae gloriam!